Patient Confidentiality Busted

Perhaps it’s a generation thing more than a cultural difference but at a recent gathering of friends and family at my home in Scotland the conversation lulled for a moment before my mum turned to an aunt and asked how her gallstones were.

Some of the women present were complete strangers to my aunt but she didn’t flinch at the personal question about her health and openly discussed her issues which were then discussed by all, how does one get gallstones and so on.  Other aunts and elderly women then started divulging their long list of health ailments but my corner of the room with my sister and cousins were giggling.  I would be horrified if I was at a party and someone started discussing my health.

An interesting part of the conversation, however, is that my aunt claims that she got rid of her gallstones with homeopathic medicine and got a scolding from her GP for taking it but he was astounded to discover they had disappeared.  Could this be true or is it an exaggerated tale?


One Comment to “Patient Confidentiality Busted”

  1. The elder generation are much more comfortable with sharing their illnesses I find. My mum used homeopathy to help her recover from a hysterectomy. It helped her avoid HRT tablets. I believe in alternative medicine so much. I have a condition called Bursitis. To avoid steriods my mum has come with some pure cherry juice that needs to be diluted with water and drunk everyday. Apparently it is a natural anti-inflammatory.

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