Cover Me In Plastic

It’s been some time since I walked into a house where everything was covered in plastic, so, visiting a family friend the other day threw me right back to my childhood.

The carpet entering the front door had that central studded plastic runner that would keep the center strip clean and the carpet around the edges darken with age. I remember my parents putting this in our house and it was awful to walk on. We would walk on the edges to avoid the plastic so that we could feel the soft carpet under our feet.

Sitting in the front room I couldn’t help but look for the remote controls. Sure enough, they were covered in plastic. So were the backs and arm rests of the sofa. Funnily, I didn’t fancy putting my hands on the armrests. I am comforted in my thought that fabric absorbs sweaty palms whereas as plastic……

Our tour of the house took us to the plastic “chambre” that reminded me of my parents bedroom in the 70 and 80s. I was half expecting the toilet seat to have plastic on it, but this was a step too far even for them.

There was something quite charming about the plastic house with its cherished valuable goods covered  in plastic to keep it as new for as long as possible. Don’t we all do the same? I have a cover for my mobile phone, netbook, Kindle and would for an Ipad if I had one!


One Comment to “Cover Me In Plastic”

  1. I love it! Great post, Bunty nice to know people still do this to extreme levels.

    We used to have plastic covered remote controls when there were younger children in our house. There is still something covered in plastic in my family home… the dining seat covers! However I have to say they have been handy. The dining table is a very grand Italian affair (tasteful) and the manufacturer actually put them on with a beautiful ivory band around the seat. The seats are ivory and the manufacturer recommended we keep them on to prevent denim dye transfer and and also in case of spillage and they have indeed saved them. Also, when we are in a childish mood at dinner, moving around in the seat makes farting noises…entertainment!

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