The British Dream

I don’t usually follow football news at all but the shocking story of Fabrice Muamba caught my attention.  During a Saturday quarter final match the 23 year old Bolton player collapsed on the field.  He was given life saving treatment by both a cardiologist who was in the crown and the London Chest Hospital.  What does this have to do with The British Dream?

Well, Fabrice Muamba’s story is incredibly inspiring: he arrived in Britain as a little 11 year old asylum seeker from The Democratic republic of Congo and had to learn English and fit into a new environment having witnessed the bloodshed in his home country.  He got his A levels and wanted to become an accountant but was talent spotted by various football clubs and he even represented the England youth team.

Britain doesn’t have the same number of magical success stories  as the American Dream but it’s nice to acknowledge the ones we do have.

Fabrice Muamba is recovering but is still in critical condition at the hospital, good luck.


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