Fashion on Fire

We all know about the dark side of fashion production so I’m not going to go into the morals of it all here but I just wanted to draw attention to Indian current affairs that may affect a global brand near you.  These are facts, whether you feel like you want to change your buying habits or write to complain to any brand mentioned that is up to you.

On Monday this week there was a mini riot and complete carnage at a garment factory just outside Delhi in place called Gurgaon.  Orient Craft is one of Delhi’s largest exporters employing over 25,000 people and is producer for international brands including Marks & Spencer, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Monsoon and many others.

The images alone are shocking and the trouble seems to have started when a contractor explained new payment and work conditions which then led to a scuffle that turned into a riot.  Today’s Indian Express reported that workers in the factory receive Rs0.55 per piece they produce, that means a part of a garment, e.g. collar or sleeve.  In one day they may earn Rs 200.  With the current UK £ exchange rate this means that a worker receives the following per piece:

0.55 INR = 0.00685627 GBP

And in one day at today’s rate he/she will make £2.49 how pathetic and sad is that?

Delhi passed a minimum wage which meant that many exporters moved to these satellite cities in other states half an hour away from Delhi in order to bypass the labour laws.

It doesn’t make easy reading but brave British people in the past helped end slavery by boycotting sugar that was financing it.  Why is it that we allow modern near slavery conditions to continue?


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