Collateral Damage and Compensation

You may have read about the alleged killing spree that Staff-Sergeant Robert Bales went on in Afghanistan killing seventeen people including women and children as they slept in their houses.

It is news today that the US government paid compensation to the remaining relatives of the deceased but it was news over the weekend that the soldier, who was controversially flown to the USA to face charges, may not actually receive a guilty verdict as his civilian lawyer believes there is no evidence against his client.

It was reported in the NY Times last week that Bales’ lawyer said that although Bales could clearly recollect with accurate detail events before the attack, he could not recollect anything at the time the alleged murders and assaults took place, and is therefore mentally unstable.

How does all this work?  The dots don’t connect for me with all the conflicting information.  I have no doubt that soldiers can suffer mental health problems due to combat missions and that the compensation is to help Afghan-US relations but how can the lawyer claim there is no evidence?


2 Comments to “Collateral Damage and Compensation”

  1. I’m not surprised by the double standards shown by US in this situation. There are hundreds of accounts where US military have gone on a revenge rampage either in Afghanistan or Iraq, despite evidence nothing has come about.

    This is their way of ‘winning hearts and minds’ by simply ripping them out of their victims bodies.

  2. If american soldiers knew that when they commit criminal offences abroad they would be prosecuted in THAT country then this sort of thing would never happen.

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