OCD in Overdrive

Spring is in the air, daffodils, cherry blossoms and…cleaning!!  I’m a life-long sufferer of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I thought I would pass on some tips learned from The Huffington Post of items we all probably own but don’t always think of cleaning and which serve to only worsen my condition:

1. Re-usable grocery bags.  Why? Because a 2010 study found that more than half of re-usable bags have bacteria on them sometimes even E.coli (shudder).

2. Handbags and purses.  Why? Because money is dirty and a study found germs that can cause cold and tummy upset.  Also, if you keep your re-usable bag in your handbag that gives another reason to wash both. 

I have to wash my Longchamp bag monthly as I rather unwisely opted for a white one that I carry to India.  I knew it wasn’t a good idea but it was just so fab.  The minute I got into the terminal building in Delhi, I marked my whiter than white beauty and it just got worse as the days went by.  It is so worth it though!!

3. Makeup brushes and sponges as they can cause breakouts.

4. Gym bag. Why? I don’t need to do this as I am a lazy bum and don’t go to the gym but sweaty clothes after a workout may not always be taken out in time (you know who you are, stinkers!) and therefore it creates a warm and damp environment to let germs have a party.  Experts advise to wash the bag once a week on a hot wash or alternatively wipe down with an anti-bacterial wipe.

5. Toothbrush.  This an old one we all know about, however, it’s one that is easily forgotten.  Ensure there is no toothpaste left on the brush, allow it to dry before putting in a case/toiletries bag, and replace every three or four months.

6. Dish sponge.  Why? They can harbour bacteria that can cause food poisoning.  Recommended advice is to throw the sponge or cleaning cloth into a microwave for a couple of minutes but I think they should just be replaced regularly. They’re hardly expensive.

7. Mobile phone. Why? A recent study found fecal matter in one in six phones. Gross, gross, gross.  A disinfectant wipe down regularly should get rid of germs and bacteria.  Avoid spraying a cleaning liquid directly on to your mobile as this may cause damage.

8. This one is just from me, wipe your headphones with disinfectant wipes regularly and clean your ears daily.  I have no study to explain the logic behind this, like I said – OCD but my headphones regularly fall to the bottom of my bag and remember there are germs there (no.1 above)?

Happy cleaning!


3 Comments to “OCD in Overdrive”

  1. I think I might get ocd after reading that just didn’t think about the germs.

  2. Good bacteria, bad bacteria… isn’t some of it good for you? The same people who are always bleaching every surface and their own hands are also always the most ill. I do get sick occasionally, maybe about once a year when the winter flu is doing the rounds, but that’s because I take the tube in London everyday and I’m not about to start wearing a surgical mask.

    Also, the people who wash their hands the least are doctors because they know there is no point half the time. Washing you hands before you eat is just common sense. Washing you hands constantly just gives you dry hands.

  3. Mysterious Pinkie – you are a stinker !

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