Post Price Soars

Royal Mail have been given the license to set their own prices and so the first thing they do is hike up their prices by over 30%. First class postage will rise from 46p to 60p and second class from 36p to 50p from the end of April.

But will this take away from the sentiments of sending and receiving something in the post as some groups are suggesting?

I hope not. I love sending and receiving greeting cards. An extra 14p is not going to stop me if it means my card get there on time. We are a nation of greeting card lovers.  Apparently we in the UK are the highest purchasers of greeting cards anywhere in the world (31 cards per head to be exact) and fear is that this industry will suffer.

However, the overhaul of Royal Mail is much needed if the service is to survive. It’s pension pot alone is crippling the organisation and need for investment is critical. In reality 60p to post a letter that can arrive anywhere in the country the next day is not a big ask, but I can imagine that for some groups such as pensioners and low income families, this may be the difference between sending a birthday card or not.



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