Vampires,Yes, Black People? No way!

Is it easier to believe in Vampires than to believe some vampires may be black?  And is it even more of a stretch of our imaginations to believe lead actors in a vampire flick could be black?

The Hunger Games is on general release now and it has been the subject of much debate as fans of the book/comic in the USA showed disgust and complete incomprehension at the casting of some of the lead characters.  I’m not going to re-type some of the racist tweets and blog comments you can google it but I’m interested in other aspects of this:

Did racism go temporarily underground or have some people always thought racist things about roles given to ethnic minorities?  Only now, they have public platforms to voice their opinions.

I agree with some of the debate that is not racist to imagine a character the way you like – it’s your imagination after all – but it is racist to have a negative reaction when a character is depicted in a race that is not what you imagined.

Is this an American reaction or are there similar tweet rants and so on in the UK or other countries?

Am I so whitewashed in my perception of TV/movie/book characters that I do not react to casting, that if a movie is all-white and a few other ethnicities are thrown in, so what?

I am genuinely shocked at some of the comments about Hunger Games casting in particular as the author particularly mentioned skin colour and that some main characters were black so why did white readers imagine the characters to be white?  Did they not understand English or think the author made a typo?

I will digress and mention my least favourite character description in a book:  The Da Vinci Code.  I cringed for Dan Brown as he embarrassingly depicted Robert Langdon as “Harrison Ford in Harris Tweed”.  That airport trash is one of the few books that I have refused to read after the first chapter.

You can read a little more about the Hunger Games debate here.





3 Comments to “Vampires,Yes, Black People? No way!”

  1. It’s such a shame, ignorance on this level makes the human race look pretty pathetic.

  2. People think they can say what they like on Twitter and Facebook and that there are no consequences. It is really sad that we have not progressed and education doesn’t seem to be helping to eradicate racism. Some of the most racist comments came from teenagers! When I was a teen we were fighting against prejudice and not actually being the source.

  3. Forget the racism – ignorant losers they are just a bunch of in-bred hicks

    Anyway WATCH this movie you will love it!!!

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