Sink Your Ambition

British people love success but not too much of it.  Is being overly successful vulgar?  Don’t worry though, the British critics will get their knives out to cut you down to an acceptable level.  This is what I believe is happening to Julian Fellowes and his new TV drama about the Titanic.

Julian Fellowes wrote the phenomenally successful Downton Abbey and I am a huge fan of the programme.  I saw series two after series one but had heard moans already that series one was much better and that Julian Fellowes had become lazy with his storylines.  Having finally watched both I don’t know what the complaints were about as series two was just as good if not more interesting as the War set in and people really noticed social change.

Julian Fellowes’ Titanic which has already aired one episode has been criticised left and right, drama fatigue, lazy script again, great hats though.  I feel there is jealousy here not a genuine critique of a TV drama.  It’s only light entertainment for goodness sake and with the Titanic, we already know what happens.

In the USA there is a fab series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation set in Las Vegas and due to its success there were spin off series into other cities.  This dislike of success of course crosses into many other industries.  We love/hate Richard Branson for example.  What’s wrong with us?


One Comment to “Sink Your Ambition”

  1. I’m enjoying Titanic. Each to their own.

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