Fit Bird from Delhi

First, let me apologise for the photo quality here and further down but I didn’t want to frighten this totally adorable little bird family that decided to build a nest beside the front door of my second home in Delhi.

I’m no Bill Oddie and don’t know what type of bird she is only that she is tiny with a humming bird type beak.

This is the third time that birds have build nests in my friend’s garden and I was lucky enough to witness a flying lesson on one of the previous occasions it was sooooooo cute, the baby bird was too scared to take a jump and its parents were flapping around it teasing it out.

I will take more sneaky photos as the days go by but here are some of the construction phases of the nest, phase 1:

After much surveying the birds decided that this light switch decorated with fake birds (it’s India, silly, of course there is a light switch in the garden with fake birds on it!) was the perfect spot to build a nest.  My theory is that the fake birds act like a sort of scarecrow… scaring potential predators…?

Phase 2 of development:

The female bird constructed the whole thing.  The male bird, although a very handsome black thing with iridescent blue feathers, was totally useless and half heartedly brought one or two bits of straw and hair (curiously resembling mine!).  I think the female told him to buzz off and she would finish it.  Once constructed she found fluffy feathers to decorate it and soften the inside for herself and the eggs.

This of course took about two weeks in total.  She only started sitting in the nest from yesterday so I have no idea when the chicks are coming, hopefully while I am still in Delhi.

More photos when there are developments!!

Since writing the above a Chatterbox kindly pointed out the birds are sunbirds so this is what the couple look like:


3 Comments to “Fit Bird from Delhi”

  1. From the way you describe the bird and the pictures, I suspect it could be a sunbird

  2. They are just too cute! I can’t believe the man didn’t help to construct the nest! Pah!

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