Jack and Rose Go On and On in 3D

If ITV’s Titanic isn’t enough for you and you have a sinking ship fetish, the terribly long and dull 90s version of the tragedy is being released in 3D.

Such cheesy script and stereotyped characters it can only be topped by Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves for Oscar for Not Even Attempting A Different Accent.  But who will watch it?  The demographic that kept it in the cinemas for so long the first time round have grown up and may not even have the attention span to sit through a three hour movie now that we Tweet and Facebook non-stop.

The best parts in James Cameron’s Titanic were the opening underwater diving scenes of the real Titanic and then the bit at the end when the ship sinks.  Certainly not the trash in the middle:


3 Comments to “Jack and Rose Go On and On in 3D”

  1. I disagree – the best bit is when leonardo’s character dies

  2. Even their names!!!

    Jack the Lad and English Rose … Ugh

  3. Oh dear!!! The 100 year commemoration is really quite tacky. The series was awful. The film just sickly and now in 3D. Who is going to watch this?????

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