No Boxed Gifts Please

I love this line at the bottom of invitations. Which plainly means cash or nothing!! Of course, you cannot go empty handed so cash it is.

I can’t quite remember when this phrase placed neatly on invites started to appear but it is no longer limited to wedding invitations. We see it on anniversary invites, birthday invites etc… What this little phrase did was end the mass recycling of unwanted gifts that have been stored in cupboards waiting for that wedding of a relative you hardly know.

Just this week Nigella Lawson got caught out recycling, or rather reselling on Ebay, a gift that was given to her by a family friend, Sophie Waugh. She only went and sold it a friend of Sophie’s who read the message in the book addressed to Nigella. Oops!!!

I recycle children’s gifts all the time. Sometimes we get duplicates or similar types of presents. How many can a child have? So they go in a gift cupboard and get recycled. Presents for adults on the other hand are a whole different story. If I don’t like a present, it often ends up in a charity shop rather than being recycled to a friend. I would not be inclined to give a friend something that I didn’t personally like or chosen for that person.

I am sure I have been on the receiving end of recycled gifts. It is common in Indian households. Even as recently as my birthday I was given a present that had been recycled by a relative.

Are you a gift recycler?


4 Comments to “No Boxed Gifts Please”

  1. Great post, Bunty! I’ve watched in horror as friends recycle gifts as this is something that I don’t do. I didn’t realise ‘no boxed gifts’ apprears on birthday invitations and so on. I haven’t received a paper birthday invitation since I was a kid awww.

    The funniest re-gifting I saw was in Delhi: A friend had been given a iron (yes) for her birthday – how p’d off would you be?! But she thought nothing of re-gifting it to another friend – a grateful recipient or a really good actor!!

  2. Poor Nigella.

    Fortunately I have a huge family full of women the same age – we do recycle gifts but just to each other as if I don’t like something, one of my cousins will! I also have no qualms about returning/exchanging. My mate recently got me a dark red lipstick that I wouldn’t wear so I exchanged for another one .. I still think of her when I wear it as the gift is still from her!

  3. I thought the “no boxed gifts” at the bottom of invitations came about because you’d always get that one cheeky person giving you an empty box at a wedding? I have actually heard of that happening a few times…

  4. This phrase is confusing to me.. “no boxed gifts” could mean to some that you should mail the gift to the couple. Thank you for clarifiying that actually people are asking for money.

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