Spain’s Stolen Babies

Last year while I was driving I listened to a Radio 4 programme about new-born babies that were stolen from mothers and families in Spain deemed unfit to be parents while Spain was under the dictatorship of General Franco.  This story has come into the media spotlight once more as an 80 year old Spanish nun attended court on 12 April accused of being involved in alleged baby stealing.

It was heartbreaking listening to mothers who thought their babies had died, many of whom suffered mental illness as they struggled to accept their baby’s death.  The families were unable to question the doctors, nurses and nuns involved as they were afraid of General Franco.   Baby stealing was deemed to be widespread at the time and the babies were sold on to wealthier families.

This is morally and ethically despicable considering the professions involved.  How can a supposed religious person, a nun, justify stealing and selling children?  Are three Hail Marys and confession enough to wipe the slate of sin clean?  Doctors and nurses also agreeing to abuse their power and decide the fate of families.  Chilling.



3 Comments to “Spain’s Stolen Babies”

  1. This story is truly shocking – how can the NUNS have participated??

  2. This is truly shocking, I wonder whether the wealthy families knew what was happening or did they think they were adopting orphans?

    I read a report about rich Arabs going to south Asia to get child-sized kidneys for their sick children. Where do they think these kidneys are coming from?

  3. As a mother, this is hell on earth. Sadly those in positions of power including religious institutions are often the worst for abusing it.

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