Luxury Botanical Vodka

The ultimate in glamorous drinks to enjoy with friends, Pinky vodka is my new favourite tipple.

A Scandinavian vodka distilled five times from pure glacial water, Pinky is hand blended with violets, rose petals and ten other botanical ingredients to create a super-smooth vodka.

Aren’t these images making you thirsty?  I love the name Pinky it’s one of those naff comedy Indian pet names much like our own: Bunty and Bubbly.  I was recently at an event where an Indian woman asked why Bunty and I chose our names and I mentioned them being funny names and laughed.  The woman looked at me blankly and simply stated that they were Indian names and that she didn’t see why they were funny.  Earth.  Swallow.  Now.


2 Comments to “Luxury Botanical Vodka”

  1. This is funny. What we find humorous clearly doesn’t translate. Not a vodka person but happy to try Pink Vodka!!!

  2. Yum! So pretty… I’ve never seen Pinky before.

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