Parallel Lives

I wouldn’t say I had a routine but usually my day consists of going to work, having lunch with friends, after work dinner or drinks and an evening at a gallery here or museum there, shopping and so on.   I’m currently in my family home in Scotland and as I sit watching the Pakistani news channels for a few minutes a day with my mum (trying to understand the Urdu and failing badly) it’s hard to believe that we share the same planet and I am shocked with the daily instability there.

In half a week so far there has been: 1 x plane crash, 1 x wedding shootout, 1 x bomb at a major train station.  In this summary I have not included the news stories I read in various broadsheets about the Taliban causing general havoc and disruption in other parts of the country.  It makes me sad as I am just one of a saturated population that moves on to story after story vaguely hearing what happened, pausing momentarily, glad to not be living in those places be it Pakistan, Bahrain, Syria or some other obscure place Far Far Away.

I wonder how long people like us will have to wait before they experience the ordinary and predictable lives that we take for granted?


One Comment to “Parallel Lives”

  1. I wonder whether it will be in our lifetime?

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