A Trench for a Drench

If you’re going to be drowned in Britain’s biblical April showers why not do it in style?

Only £1895 this wonderful Burberry Prorsum trench coat is so gorgeous you will actually cross your fingers and wish for rain.  Available on Net-a-Porter.

On the other extreme of the price see saw is this £40 on-trend cobalt trench coat from Debenhams:

I have a soft spot for the Hobbs NW3 range as this is where my flat in London is and this trench is even named after my street!  This is the Willow Road trench, it reminds me of my *perfect* Hunter trench coat that my sister bought me for my birthday a year ago.

The Willow Road trench is currently on sale for £119 (from £189) and this tiger print Totley Mac is also by Hobbs £129 (from £169):

And finally this Nicole Taffeta trench by Ralph Lauren is quite glamorous and versatile £130 (from £260):


4 Comments to “A Trench for a Drench”

  1. ohmygod!!! i live on willow road …. sold!

  2. Horizonzal stripes – I love them, but they make me look about 20 kg heaver than I actually am. I will have to check out those Hobbs ones though – I love the toger one!

    • Mysterious Pinkie it’s meant to be a misguided myth that horizontal stripes give an unflattering optical illusion but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Have you seen those awful vertical striped black and white jeans that are in the shops? Awful, why would you want to look like a cross between Beetlejuice and a humbug??

  3. Loving the Burberry trenchcoat. Bought a Aramni one a couple of years ago similar to the Willow trench. I wish my budget could stretch to a Burberry addition 😦

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