Drink Free Zones

BBC London reported that London Metropolitan University is considering creating drink free zones referred to as “dry zones” to accommodate Muslim students as drinking is seen to be “immoral”.

Whatever next????

I used to work at Newham College of Further Education which banned the Christmas Tree because the majority of its population were Muslim and it was seen to cause offence. How is integration and understanding of diverse cultures ever supposed to take place if the only policy that address social issues is separation.

Drinking is a choice. I am surrounded by Muslims who choose to drink. Whilst creating drink free zones will superficially accommodate certain Muslim students it will also serve to alienate others. Currently, people can socialise in the same surroundings and whether you choose to drink an orange juice or Vodka Tonic is of personal choice. I can only imagine the stigmas and antagonisation that would surround Muslim women in particular who choose to go the student pub with friends to socialise, whether they drink or not.

Chamberlain’s apathy was considered to start the 2nd World War. An extreme analogy I know. But seriously, this form of apathy does not ultimately help. We are adults who can make adult choices. There is no need for stark separation.


3 Comments to “Drink Free Zones”

  1. As a muslim this really annoys me- if you don’t drink no one is forcing you to go to a pub- we live in a Christian country, if people don’t like it, move to a country more suited to their beliefs, this is taking it too far..what next…no Christmas Bank Holiday or Easter Bank Holiday Weekend??!!!!

  2. First of all, I would like to point out that I am a Muslim and grew up in an alcohol-free environment. But I do not and cannot agree with this.

    You absolutely cannot pander to one set of people to the detriment of another. If it’s legal, I don’t understand how they can justify stopping it.

    I have many muslim friends who will go with their friends to a pub and not drink. They tend to leave when things get roudy, but they still participate and socialise.

    Rules like this serve only to alienate people and it’s plain silly.

  3. It’s lovely that some companies and institutions are sensitive and considerate enough to take complaints seriously but I think they need to demonstrate a sense of proportion and the Muslims who make these complaints just sound miserable.

    Also I know we’re not like oppressive Islamic countries but can you IMAGINE a Christian complaining that she couldn’t find anything to eat during Ramadan or that she wanted a headscarf-free zone?

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