School Lottery

Dear Diary,

Last week, we found out the my daughter did not get our first choice school despite being in the catchment area. It is a lottery system that depends on siblings, special needs and of course the recession led baby boom….

We are on a waiting list, but are aware our chances are slim. The school that we have been allocated is not a bad school, in many ways it is quite charming and has some really good qualities. But it is not the one that I felt was appropriate for her. We were one of those families that had bought a house in the catchment area hoping to provide our children with good quality education.

However, being less than 8 minutes walk away amounted to nothing. I am filled with envy towards those who have managed to get their first choice schools and I feel that I have failed my child before her primary education has even started. I know these feelings are irrational and in the end the school she has been allocated will adequately serve her but I cannot help but feel helpless.


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