How Do You Wear Yours?

A new make-up map of the habits of British women has apparently found that while women in Edinburgh are more likely to go for a blemish-free look, their friends in Liverpool are more likely to go for a St Tropez look.

Further down the map women from Leeds and Essex are more likely to buy false eyelashes and women from London are the most likely to cart their entire makeup bag around for touch ups and a whopping 67% of them apply their makeup on the Tube.

As a Londoner I confess I do carry a make-up bag around for touch ups and in an unlikely event for which I need to add a splash of blue under-eye liner – you never know!!  Yes, it’s completely unnecessary but it’s a habit now.  I can’t, however, apply my make-up on the Tube but watch in admiration at the women (such as my sister) who even manage to apply eyeliner and mascara on the incredibly irregular journey.  The only thing I manage to do on the Tube is stand and move around without falling over like the tourists: pah!


4 Comments to “How Do You Wear Yours?”

  1. I’m definately not brave enough to put make-up on on the tube, I would end up with lipstick all over my face but I guess at least I would be entertaining all of the other commuters.

  2. A little while ago there was a letter written into Metro newspaper on this subject. The author was not very kind to women who put on their make-up on the tube. On the days when I just don’t have time to at home, I can confess to doing this too. However, a response from a lady was very true. Her morning consisted on just getting herself ready, but her children, providing breakfast, making packed lunches and then school run. So if in the grand scheme of things putting on make-up on the tube offended anyone, they could just go and sit somewhere else. I could only agree.

    • Why on earth would it bother anyone if I put a bit of make-up on on the tube?? I don’t knock into anyone, I stay in my space. This sounds completely irrational! Stop looking if it offends you, Jesus we are not picking our noses like a lot of disgusting men do!!

  3. Brilliant! I am a londoner and apply my FULL make-up on the tube. I’m so good at it now that it only takes me 2-3 stops to do it. I wack on foundation at home and then on the tube I add : mascara, eyeliner, blusher, lip stain + lip gloss!

    What I find particularly amusing is often I’ll be sitting opposite a guy who will watchh in awe as I turn from a haggered looking tired woman into something a lot nicer!

    A couple of times I’ve arrived at work with waaaay too much blusher on but that is easily fixed!

    The silliest thing I carry is liquid purple eyeliner, well you never know!!

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