Why Are Women Always To Blame?

Dear Diary

What is it about Asian society that will always blame the woman for everything that goes wrong and for nothing that goes right?

Gossiping among men is as potent as the stereotypes against women portray……. In fact it is even more dangerous because they are taken seriously.

Recent events have enabled a group of men (of all ages) to spread rumours about a friend that are just untrue and that I find quite hurtful to both her and her children. They do not even know the circumstances of her divorce but have sought to defame her, blame her and ridicule her and womankind. What is this about?

Their reasoning is that a woman should always stay married no matter what the husband has done? Are they insane? Everything should be hushed under the carpet so that there would be no reason for people to talk. Yet they are the people who are talking, even worse, speculating without knowledge or evidence. It isn’t even on hearsay, they are just making it up. They are ruining a woman’s reputation for taking a stand and furthermore, subjecting her children (who they claim to care about) to malicious gossip.

How are we ever going to move on from this hideous culture of blaming women if the men, especially the younger ones, cannot see past their pig ignorant and arrogant noses.

This makes me so angry.


One Comment to “Why Are Women Always To Blame?”

  1. I think when men gossip the comments can be very mean and personal. A friend at work slept with a few colleagues and the comments about her were disgusting even down to discussing the colour of her pubic hair. My friend dropped into conversation about deformed small penises to get her revenge, but the comments about her were very hurtful. It is ridiculous to suggest that men don’t gossip.

    But I don’t recognise women always getting blamed for divorces, a lot of my cousins are divorced (both sexes) and my female cousins have been championed for leaving and finding other men. Your friend’s reputation does not depend upon comments from retarded men, she should ignore them and concentrate on herself and her children, she knows the truth. Those gossipy men will go home to wives that probably despise them and feel sick when they touch them – they know deep down their wives want to leave so they push for a culture for villifying women who leave as otherwise, who else will earn money, cook, clean and find their socks!!

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