Murdoch And Corleone

Perhaps Rupert Murdoch watched Godfather Part II (or his lawyers did) when preparing for his questioning as part of the Leveson enquiry into the British phone hacking scandal.  As Michael Corleone was hauled before a Senate Committee investigation into his family affairs the same applied to Rupert Murdoch and his famiglia, News Corporation.  Let’s play a game: Who Said What?

I’ve never asked a prime minister for anything in my life.

I wasn’t interested in the BBC licence fee. I had been through that with previous prime ministers, and it didn’t matter.

I don’t feel I have to wipe everybody out… just my enemies.

We have never pushed our commercial interests in our papers … I don’t know many politicians.

I own some stock in some casino companies, but aside from that I have no interest in any casinos.

I never asked Mr Blair for anything, nor did I receive any favour…It’s a common thing in life, way beyond journalism, for people to say, “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch my back.”

While this is mildly amusing what is certainly not is the power and control Rupert Murdoch exerted over British politics and the media landscape.  Politicians have gone out of their way to cozy up to this man and his associates to the detriment of the people that voted them into power.  Democratically elected officials behaving extremely undemocratically.

I wonder if in a few years from now if this episode will look bizarre or if manipulation will become the norm.   One thing is for sure the British people are the only losers in this game.


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  1. Excellent article!

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