Rich List Women

The top 5 women in the Sunday Times Rich List are said to be there by default, meaning that they are there through divorce or inheritance write Jane Martinson in the Guardian. In fact the 8th woman in the list, Dame Mary Perkins, founder of Specsavers, is the first woman to accumulate her fortune of £870million through her own business venture and is 84th on the overall list. Apparently, there are no men in the Sunday Times Rich List who have amassed a fortune through marriage or inheritance. What none of them have inherited a family business that their father built????

Martinson suggests that this is no triumph for feminism but I do beg to differ?

Yes, of course we want to be on an equal professional footing to men and in another 10 to 15 years time, we will have more and more women on that list and maybe even overtaking men. However, isn’t it derogatory to women to suggest that the wealth accumulated whilst marriage is that solely of the man? Traditional roles for women are to play the domestic goddess whilst raising children single handedly. This is their job and it can be a lonely and stressful job. Not to mention the hours!

I am surrounded by women who may not have accumulated the same levels of wealth, as these women in the rich list, but play this “wife” role and find themselves seeking divorce through lack of fulfillment in their lives. However, they have been the pillar of the family and have been vital in accumulating wealth which surely means if the marriage ends, they deserve their share.

Equally, in some Asian households, inheritance is only awarded to the males in the family. Women are given away in marriage and do not get an inheritance.

So, if feminism about improving the lives of women, politically, economically and socially, then does it really matter how they get on the rich list. The fact that they are there means feminism is in progress. It means that things are changing. Women can leave their husbands and get their share. Women can rightfully be granted inheritance. Women can use this money to start up their own businesses, providing employment and paying taxes.

A triumph to feminism I would say.







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