The Gold, The Bad and The Ugly

It’s Met Ball time yay!  I’m sure it’s great fun actually being there but since most of us weren’t why don’t we all pour over the fashion instead?  I’ve picked some of my favourites – when they’re good they’re really really good but when they’re bad… they’re shocking!  First up, the lovely hostess:

Anna Wintour here wearing Prada with a lobster embroidery.  Must have been great on paper.

This is my personal favourite, Katharine McPhee wearing Elie Saab – what a delicious shade of orange and elegant dress with simple but effective accessories 10/10!!

Marc Jacobs, contrived attention seeking surely?

This dress by D & G looks like such good fun, no wonder this woman is smiling:

Celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Rachel Zoe above is wearing a dress from her own collection, doesn’t she look like she’s had her head attached back-to-front like a horror movie extra?

Camilla Belle showing us how to do old Hollywood glamour to perfection in Ralph Lauren.

Christina Ricci wearing Thakoon in what is easily the most interesting and creative dress of the evening.

This amazing dress is by Emilio Pucci:

And this is Dior Haute Couture:

It’s wonderful that two dresses from our very own TOPSHOP made it to the ball.  The gold dress is pretty fab and I wouldn’t mind one myself but the red dress looks like a classic Topshop 100% polyester creation which probably caused tonnes of static that messed up Jamie King’s hair:

The two dresses below are Valentino but demonstrate nicely that looks from the catwalk very often do not translate to the real world. These dresses make the wearers look like Victorian maids:

Scarlett Johanssen sports a 90’s Indian Lehenga Look but actually it’s by D & G:

Carey Mulligan in Prada:

They couldn’t get enough gold dresses at the ball – Karolina Kurkova wears this one by Rachel Zoe and it is figure-hugging fab:

These dresses are plain hilarious and look like they came off the ‘sale rail’ from a pound shop:

I think this is what you get when you cross Margaret Thatcher with Hilary Clinton and a Mormon:

Kristen Stewart sports the hooker look in mega bucks Balenciaga – WTF!!

Sorry Beyonce, your dress may be Givenchy haute couture but I think it’s tacky.  Maybe it’s just her hair, it’s so plain compared to the cruise ship cabaret dress?

You may have seen a Snow White costume in a Disney shop near you that looks similar to this Prada dress:

Anja Rubik shows us that the Eurotrash Look is alive and kicking: Nasty!

I hope Emma Stone only borrowed this Lanvin dress that looks like an homage to Quality Street sweet wrappers:

Okay, we can put our claws away now … until the next time!


One Comment to “The Gold, The Bad and The Ugly”

  1. Orange dress is gorgeous. What was Kirsten Dunst thinking?? Was she dressed for the Bingo??

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