Vivre Le France

After 31 years, France elects a socialist President, Francoise Hollande, who will immediately overturn right wing policies of scrapping tax breaks for the rich and taking steps to cap the public deficit. His first few quick symbolic measures will include freezing the cost of fuel for three months to ease the nation’s wallets and cutting his own presidential salary by 30%.

I cannot say I am sorry to see the back of Nikolas Sarkozy and desperately relieved that Marine Le Pen’s gaining momentum was short lived. So my student image of France as the people’s republic might again be restored. When discussing British politics I often hear people say “That wouldn’t happen in France. People would be up in arms, The French don’t sit there and be dictated to”.

I am not saying French politics is great, Far from it. However, in France, unlike in England, there does appear to be difference between the left and the right and a socialist government just may help them out of their troubled times.

Times are tough ahead for France. Bon chance Hollande.




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