Beautiful Boys

Claiming to help create an additional 11,000 jobs in the British economy, male beauty treatments could help pull us out of recession!  What’s more surprising is that it’s the Scots that are fuelling the boom with Welsh men a close second. Scottish men prefer sunbeds and Welsh full body waxes – shudder.

I’m not into hairy backs but I’m not into hair-free chests either.  Plus being Asian, I wouldn’t want to be the hairy one in a relationship!



3 Comments to “Beautiful Boys”

  1. I can’t believe Gerard Butler is Scottish, he’s so dishy!

  2. It’s about time British men started looking after themselves. Their European counterparts have been doing it for years…

  3. What the hell do you mean bibi??? Cheeky wee coo!!! Scottish men are fab! (some of them)

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