Bad Hair Cut

Dear Diary,

I never thought that you could get a really bad haircut until today….. Don’t change hairdressers to get a quick trim!

I knew it wasn’t going well when she asked if I wanted my hair washed. I haven’t had a dry hair cut since I was 10, so naturally, I said yes. I couldn’t imagine her cutting my hair in any other way.

The attack on hair lasted approximately 30 minutes before I had to call time and ask her to stop. I was hyperventilating and by this stage and could not even attempt to explain myself. All I could see was a wonky fringe, dodgy sides and thank God I couldn’t see the back.

I did what I have never done before in a hairdresser. I stood up and told her that I couldn’t let her cut my hair anymore. At the till, where I was about to be charged £55 for the debacle they called a haircut, I refused to pay. I didn’t have to make much of stand as my complaint was plain to see. Despite them wanting to recruit another hairdresser to rectify my hair, I couldn’t have them working on my hair again.

To my surprise, I found the hairdresser trying to defend her cut. I couldn’t believe it. Sometimes, it is best to just say no more than an apology. This was one of those times.

So I walked out of the salon with my hair kicking out all over the place, a wonky fringe and an overweight bob in tears. I am flying out to a wedding at the weekend and now, not only do I need a haircut, but a hair makeover.





One Comment to “Bad Hair Cut”

  1. Poor you, I wrote an earlier post about my experience at a hair salon, the stylist and I had a small argument about how much to cut off the length of my hair. She insisted on cutting off more until I firmly stated that it was MY hair and I will decide how much comes off.

    I think hair salons are quite unique environments where customers desires are often disregarded. Imagine if you went to the dentist and they decided to give you a different treatment or a restaurant that gave you a slightly different dish to the one you selected!

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