One of my favourite childhood TV programmes, Blockbusters, has re-launched on Challenge TV aimed at an older audience.

I do wonder if it was only one of my favourites as there was little after-school choice for teenagers.  It was almost like doing general knowledge homework guessing along with the contestants and screaming at them if they didn’t pick the letter you wanted.  All those nerves and tension to win a set of dictionaries, cheap British TV at its best, millions of pounds were not necessary!!

It’s a shame that the new one is aimed at adults, wouldn’t today’s teens enjoy it just as much or am I completely wrong?  If you want to make a childhood dream come true to stand on the hotspot, you can apply to go on the show here.



One Comment to “Nerdbusters”

  1. I used to love blockbusters and especially loved it when a little geeky girl would beat two cocky guys!

    Having said that I can’t imagine today’s teens watching it! Aren’t they busy cultivating eating disorders, updating their online profiles and taking photos of themselves?

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