Red Lipstick

Research conducted by the Universite de Bretagne-Sud, France, revealed that male customers are 50% more likely to tip waitresses wearing red lipstick over any other colour.


The deduction is thought to be all down to that most basic of human motivations: sex. Red lips, the Times reports the researchers as saying, are ‘associated with an indication of oestrogen levels, sexual arousal and health’. wearing red lipstick is said to be a sign of being sexually aroused. I cannot say that on the few occasions that I have worn red lipstick that I have been sexually aroused, but that I have wanted to look sexy and red has given me that confidence.

Interestingly, lip colour paid no part in whether women tipped or not. I wonder what men would have to do cosmetically to encourage women to tip more?


6 Comments to “Red Lipstick”

  1. When I had serving jobs, I swear I’d get more tips when I wore Victoria’s Secret’s Sexy Little Thing perfume!

  2. Yayyy! I am going to wear red lippie tomorrow!

  3. I love red lippie, the most compliments I get when I wear it is from women. My faves are the ones with orange/coral tones – the louder the better!!

    I don’t know about more tips but wearing red is such fun and my nieces love seeing me in it too.

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    From The Chatterjis- something interesting to mull over whilst cooking the tea!

  5. Haha that’s an amazing fact, love it!

  6. I love to wear red lipstick – it makes me feel so super sexy ! But i’m constantly retouching and licking teeth – very high maintenance !

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