Wash And Go

The Chanel of hair, Vidal Sassoon passed away of natural causes yesterday at his home in Los Angeles.  London born Vidal Sassoon revolutionised hair and hairdressing with his wash and go cuts and hair that was cut and designed to suit the wearer’s face.   At a time that beehives and bouffants were the rage he cut sharp bobs lowering the maintenance.

At the age of 14 Vidal Sassoon’s mother marched him to a local barber shop and insisted that they give him an internship.  Vidal Sassoon went on to open training academies and salons throughout the UK and the USA.  You knew your town or city was on the map of style once it had a Vidal Sassoon salon!  It was also a coming-of-age ritual, local salons were for amateurs – a professional cut turned a girl into a woman.

Finally Vidal Sassoon also commericalised hairdressing by being the first to offer professional hair care products to the masses.  A creative genius!

The model in the image above is Grace Coddington who is the long-time creative director of Vogue USA.



One Comment to “Wash And Go”

  1. Hi ladies, would you know who are the biggest chain of hairdressing salons in the US. I have head of Fantastic Sam but are there any others..? Would the Vidal Sassoon chain be also one of the biggest in the US ? Thanks for letting me know. Cheers. Catherine

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