Heaven And Other Fairytales

Professor Stephen Hawking declared that heaven was a fairytale for people who are afraid of the dark and there is no such thing.  In an interview with The Guardian he also told us what we should do with ourselves (in effect the meaning of life) amongst other nuggets of wisdom.

I know logically it is highly unlikely that there is a heaven or hell but is it childish or dangerous to believe in it nevertheless?  If we openly believed in fairies we would sound like we had mental health issues so why do religious beliefs carry different weight?

Belief in an afterlife has stuck with humans since prehistoric times and it endures relentlessly.  Perhaps there an after-life gene whereby some of us are genentically pre-disposed to believe in an afterlife whereas humans that skipped the gene become athiests.  My sister and many cousins don’t believe in god or an afer-life but I think I do even though we all had the same upbringing.

In the interview, Professor Hawking also compared our brains and death to computers.  We die because its components fail.  Now I know in the computer world, there are Macs and PCs… if our brains are computers I propose segregated graveyards – I’m not sharing with pretentious Apple iObsessed freaks!!!


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