Princess and The Pea

A distinguished and respected New York designer, Mario Buatta is famous for his romantic bedroom interiors.  Contrary to other designers who believe the heart of a house is in the kitchen or livingroom Mario believes the heart of a house is in the bedroom.

Mario advises that a bedroom should be designed with the woman’s wishes in mind and to make her look fabulously tactile.  He has been in the industry for decades and swears that men don’t notice or care about what the bedroom looks like and focus purely on the person they are in the room to see (wink!!).

With this in mind he recommends the use of a canopy and the following colour palette for women and their bedrooms: blonds look best against a backdrop of lavender and blues while brunettes look best against lavender, pink and peach.  Yellow is to be avoided as it makes all skin tones look sallow.  I would LOVE a princess canopy!

Read the designer’s full interview with Architectural Digest here.


One Comment to “Princess and The Pea”

  1. Thanks this is a great read. The above bedroom is rather fanciful for me. I don’t think I would get to sleep with all the floral and stuff! I have black hair and backdrop of deep red. I hope he would approve.

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