The Queen Does Not Sweat

The Queen does not sweat – says her dress designer Stewart Parwin on the front pages of the Sunday Times. It was an odd place to discuss something as personal as her Majesty’s body odour, but the amusing article suggested this to be the reason why she avoids looking flustered or creased.

It must help as sweating whilst on a public parade could be really off putting for both you and your fans.

I must say that I am envious. My mum doesn’t sweat either. She can go through the hottest days wearing saris and not a bead of sweat is on her forehead. I on the other hand need deodorant and a healthy application of talcum powder to avoid sweat marks (a little trick I learnt). Only the other day, I spent five minutes underneath a dryer in the toilets trying to dry out my dress. Of course, the whole episode left me very flustered.

I remember working with a woman who would sweat buckets on a hot day by just walking up the stairs. The poor woman would then remain in her sweaty clothes for the rest of the day. No amount of anti-perspirant saved her.


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