Petal Power

Rose water has been used in beauty treatments and food since ancient times.  As a beauty product it is often forgotten as it reminds us of Grandma but rose water is a very gentle antiseptic and gentle toner, lightly moisturising sensitive skin.

This rose water by Boots is only £4.07 and the one below by Neal’s Yard is £15:

I also recommend this one that can be bought in India at Khadi stores:

It’s only about £1.50 but is pure rose water and ethically sourced.

If you’re in Boots, they also sell this rose water with Glycerine but I wouldn’t recommend it as the glycerine leaves a sticky residue on the skin, not very pleasant although the packaging makes it look wonderfully vintage:


3 Comments to “Petal Power”

  1. I mix a bit of rose water into mud face masks I think it helps the beautifying process!

  2. I have used Rose Water mixed with Witch hazel. My pharmacist makes it up for me, but I think I saw this in Boots once. Great toner.

  3. Why is neal’s yard so expensive .. Is it any better? My partner is obsessed with getting me gifts from there and I am slightly underwhelmed by their products!

    Thanks for the rosewater tips .. I think mixing it with witch hazel sounds like just what my skin needs!

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