British Bunting

Bunting is so popular in Britain, I wonder if anywhere else in the world use it unanimously as we do. The red, white and blue flags are parading high streets, side streets, mews and closes  as people prepare to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

Bunting originally was used as signal flags for the Royal Navy from the 17th century. It was made out of worsted wool known as “tammy” which was was popular because of its shine.

Today, bunting is used as decoration for celebrations and can be made in many different fabrics. I do like a bit of bunting and am making some for my children out of scrap fabrics painting red, white and blue.

Easiest way to make bunting, is to cut fabric into triangles measuring 18cm by 20cm. Allowing 0.5cm for seams. Stitch the two sides and turn through.  Get yourself some ribbon. About 1.5m will do for each bunting. Stitch the triangles onto the ribbon.  You will have yourself lovely homemade bunting in time for the Jubilee and great fun children.


3 Comments to “British Bunting”

  1. definitly not a Canadian thing 🙂

  2. Piccadilly looks amaaazing! British Bunting looks fab.

  3. It’s not a Spanish thing either. Though you could spot the brits a mile away having a jubilee picnic in the park a mile away with their bunting everywhere…

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