The Queen’s Izzat

During the fabulous Jubilee Weekend the Queen delighted all, even the most hardened Republicans – no one could resist her charm.  Looking incredibly elegant and glamorous she must have had so much fun dressing up in her dazzling embellished dresses.

A South Asian tradition for women is that we must all carry a scarf when leaving the house as it protects our izzat or honour.  In my family this tradition is treated with a dollop of humour and Bollywood dramatic effect should we ever wear one.  Obviously it is daft when thought of in this traditional manner but scarves are wonderful.

Most of the Queen’s outfits over the weekend included a scarf and the one above even had South Asian draping which is why I noticed it.

The only time Her Majesty seemed not to carry a scarf was at the Jubilee pop concert at Buckingham Palace:



3 Comments to “The Queen’s Izzat”

  1. Isn’t she lovely!!!! I too noticed the scarf. Great post Bubbly. I really enjoyed this weekend’s celebrations.

  2. p.s. Bubbly, I saw the brocade and thought of you.

  3. Fabulous article – how funny, I didn’t notice the scarves. What a respectable lady she is.

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