Violent Politics

A Norwegian friend at university once made a hilarious impression of MPs at the House of Commons with their napping and sudden jeering.  It was the 90s and I confess his impression was accurate at the time although thank goodness things have changed.

The British political chamber is mild, however, compared to Indian, Pakistani and now shockingly that of GREECE.  I was surprised when I saw my first televised fist fight in Indian parliament but nothing prepared me for the physical attack on live television between a Greek far-right politician and two women MPs.

The attacker is a representative of a far right party that has gained ground on anti-immigrant and anti-austerity measures.  Far right parties have been increasingly violent towards Pakistani and Afghani immigrants in Greece.   A good friend of mine who lives in Athens says his best workers are Pakistani immigrants as the Greeks are lazy (sound familiar? Same old story in Britain too).

Resorting to violence is pathetic in any situation and in any country’s politics.  Political arguments should be won with words not fists. Greece will go back to the polls soon and I hope they remember this violent and misogynistic attack – even Indian and Pakistani political fisticuffs don’t involve women.  An arrest warrant is out for the Golden Dawn attacker.


3 Comments to “Violent Politics”

  1. Absolutely disgusting. I remember when John Prescott was deputy PM of Britain and Prescott threw a punch at a male civilian for throwing a tomato at him. As horrified as the public were, they could see why Prescott reacted in such a manner and he was branded a clown and ridiculed for his barbaric reaction. I find it hard however to see the comical side of a man physically punching a woman in the face, let alone a member of Greek parliament. Although I am glad to see the Greek authorities issuing an arrest warrant for the attacker, it is still bitterly dissapointing to see people resorting to physical violence. It is also embarassing that these individuals are supposed to be representing us and our countries.

  2. Apalling behaviour. There is never EVER an excuse for a man to hit a woman. I know this woman hit the guy with a newspaper first, but still that is not a good enough reason to hit her. Men have no idea how strong they are, disgusting man.

  3. What a shocking display of violence. I hope the Greeks finally realise what they voted into power – a bunch of violent bigoted thugs – and ensure that they don’t get back into power in the upcoming elections.

    This guy has destroyed what little credibility the Greeks thought his party had, and quite frankly, I’m glad, though it is unfortunate that these women had to be treated in this way for the Greeks to finally realise this.

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