Beauty With Austerity

Doom and gloom on the 24 hour news channels can only mean one thing: let’s go comfort shopping!  Lipsticks are generally the preferred recession purchase for women, however, The Guardian have a wonderful article on hero products under £10 that is well worth a read and so I decided to tell you about some of my own faves…cheap smiles all round!

Being a geek pays: if you buy cheaper brands go for the ones that have rich parents as the cheaper brand benefits from the technological developments and quality of the luxury brand.  For example did you know that Bourjois is owned by Chanel?  I use a Bourjois powder blusher as it is the exact shade I turn naturally and it is wonderful (chuck the free applicator brush that comes with it unless you want to look like a warrior).  There is currently an offer in Boots to buy one Bourjois product and get another half price.  Just remember though: the ONLY compact to be whipped out for public touch-ups is a Chanel one.

Moving on to hair, L’Oreal Elvive and premium brand Kerastase have the same owner: L’Oreal and you will find almost identical products offered in each range although sometimes it can take a few months for the little sister product to launch.

For pimples, sunburn/windburn, any graze and even to help the healing of mosquito bites I use Savlon (others prefer Sudocreme but I think it stinks and is really greasy):

You can’t beat the colour options of luxury make-up brands but sometimes I just want to experiment with shades outside my comfort zone and if I’m not sure I will suit something I tend to try it in a cheaper range first.  I’d like to recommend Rimmel London’s Aqua sparkle eyeliner pencil to add a bit of fun to a look (under £3):

This product is waterproof and I recommend other waterproof makeup such as mascara if like me you spend time in humid climates such as Summer in Delhi (madness by the way).

When in Delhi I feel like my nail varnishes don’t last as long as when I am home back in Britain so I wear Rimmel London nail varnishes for day-to-day glamour and keep the premium ones for special evenings.  I absolutely LOVE the fat applicator brush with Rimmel nail varnishes it is a doddle thanks to their innovation.  They have a fab 60 Second range and a professional Lycra range that claims to stay on longer:

All their nail varnishes are under £4… bargain!

Please share your tips and who owns who in the comments.


4 Comments to “Beauty With Austerity”

  1. I recently started using Neem soap and I love it. I have quite sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate at all.
    And it’s cheap as chips, especially compared to specialist body washes and shower gels designed for dry and sensitive skin.

    I love the Rimmel nail polishes. If you put a top coat on, I find the colour can last, without any chipping, for four or five days easily. I use a top coat by Save The Nail, the little sister of Nails Inc – it costs about 6 pounds from Boots and dries in 45 seconds. So using both products together, you can have perfect, dry nails in about ten minutes – perfect for someone who is always in a rush!

    For hair, I love Herbal Essences tousle me softly range. I usually use Kerastase as it is much better for hair extensions (ahem! not that I have any!), but the smell is always a bit too chemical-like. Finishing off hair with something nice smelling is always good!

  2. I live Bourjois kohl pencil a snip at only £7 – probably a replica of a Chanel one, and also love Rimmel polish, it’s the best- I have tried most other brands and this glides on! Maybelline full lash effect mascara is also amazing!

  3. Sudocreme always reminds me of sore bums. Savlon for me.
    Boots own range of Vitamin E cream is a fab after sun moisturiser for £3.25 a tub. Lasts for ages especially as we don’t get much sun.

  4. Thanks for the tips Bubbly!

    I use Creme de la Mer and Bliss body butter … both of which are expensive. So in order to make them last longer, on my face I use No 7 Protect and Perfect and on my body I use baby oil first … then over the top I will apply C de la M and then body butter. It makes my pots last MONTHS longer as I need a lot less to cover!

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