My Baby’s Almost Perfect Head

For the first time in twenty three years there is a baby in my family and it is of course lovely yada yada but I have been having amusing discussions with my mum and sister-in-law as they engage in their quest to mould the shape of my darling nephew’s cute little head!

He has, of course, a round head and they want to flatten it!  He has been lying on a rice-stuffed pillow during this optimum stage of his life where his skull is maliable.  Apparently the ancient Egyptians and Native Americans did this but since my family is neither and it is 2012 I am trying to intervene to preserve his rounded head (by picking him up and cuddling him constantly with the excuse that I will be in India soon and so won’t be able to spend time with him).

There seem to be cultural preferences for head shapes and some women can even tell which region of a country someone comes from by looking at the shape of the head: weird.  On Mumsnet and Western forums there are support groups for parents with flat headed babies and treatments to ‘normalise’ the skull back to a round shape potentially through surgery or helmets and here my family is doing the opposite.

Flat head syndrome has become more common due to advice that babies should sleep on their backs to prevent cot death and babies that spend a lot of time in car seats are also prone.

Leave their heads alone!!



6 Comments to “My Baby’s Almost Perfect Head”

  1. Been there with the twins, more from the in laws side, than my family, a bit bizarre!

  2. Is there a reason why they are doing this Bubbly? I am intrigued. I have seen babies with flat heads due to the sleeping arrangement. Their heads do reshape as they get older, but why would you want to purposefully blockhead your baby????!!!

    • Entirely cultural preference, Bunty there is no other explanation. My mum said it was to ensure that my nephew’s head didn’t curve too much or stick out too much.

  3. There are similar stories about moulding girls hands. My grandma used to squeeze and massage my cousins hands so that now, they can wear bangles for children. Adult sized bangles just slip off. I must have escaped this somehow and so have to wear big bangles. But whenever I am in Pakistan or around other Pakistanis and buying bangles, I get (quite frankly very cheeky) comments about how big my hands are!

    I though the baby head moulding thing was to smooth out any bumps and lumps and not to flatten? More important for guys normally than girls, but I have been told that my grandma did do this to me and I have to admit that I am quite grateful. I had my hair cut into a pixie crop a few years back and was told by my hairdresser that I had a very nice shaped head and it was quite rare amongst westerners!

    • Mysterious Pinkie, my grandma moulded my hands for small bangles and I remember her doing it. It wasn’t sore or like Chinese foot-binding! My white British friends marvel at my tiny bangles and declared they would send their future daughters to me for hand moulding! Comments about hand size are rude, I agree.

      I do find it so intriguing regarding head shapes though!!

  4. Good lord !! All the moudling hand stuff sounds like Chinese foot binding – are we really THAT backward!!!

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