The Gods Unite

As the gay marriage debate rolls on I do wonder why gay people want to participate in a religious institution, often at a religious institution, when all mainstream religions hate homosexuality and recognise it as a sin where gays will burn in hell or even worse.

I went to a gay wedding in Delhi a couple of years ago and it was a wonderful experience.  It was not a Hindu ceremony but two people committed themselves to each other with the full support of their family and friends and we all celebrated together.  There were no homophobes present and no religious element from which to moralise.

Opposition to a civil ceremony between same sex couples seems to be the one topic that currently unites all religions demonstrating nicely how backward they all are and how ridiculous they all sound.


3 Comments to “The Gods Unite”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I guess their desire to enter into marriage is to be granted the same benefits, rights as a hetrosexual married couple, if there are any these days.

  2. It really is a joke. People with strong religious views will always be quick to tell you that religion is adaptable to modern society. Well, majority of today’s society is now slowly (but surely) accepting gay marriage. Whilst Religion is still catching up, we should really be looking at why we still let religion influence our legal and political systems. By denying two people to wed, we are in fact impeding their human rights.

  3. there are no extra rights afforded to married people than those in a civil partnership. I think the reason why some, and only some, gay couple wish to get married is that they grew up as a religious person and therefore being married is important to them.

    Like Ben Bradshaw for example, he is a devout Christian and so campaigns heavily for his right to be married in a church.

    Personally, I am in agreement with Bubbly – I would reject religion in a hear beat if it contained passages that I would burn in hell etc ….. hateful stuff!

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