Celebrity Student

41 year old actor, Mark Wahlberg (formerly known as singer Marky Mark) has decided to go back to school in order to complete his graduation.  Mark dropped out of school leaving with no qualifications and although he will not actually attend school and will take part in online courses I think it sets a great example for people who regret leaving school early.

Sometimes I feel the education system is too strict.  If a child simply doesn’t take school seriously and doesn’t enjoy it perhaps they should be able to leave school before 16 and find work experience or a job and then be welcomed back into education when they are  ready and mature enough not to disrupt class for other kids.

One of my cousin-brothers has just gone back into education and is drowning in the workload but he loves it and when I was at university the oldest student on my course was a 65 year old woman who dragged her husband around to carry her bag and books.  She was amazing!

I had an interesting but uncomfortable encounter with a 15 year old boy in Delhi.  He had come to do an embroidery for me and I refused to employ him saying he should go to school instead.  He argued with me that he didn’t like school and that he had a family to support. While that is a strong argument and I couldn’t cope with the debate and politely declined to give him the work.

What was the correct thing to do?  I don’t know.  I didn’t really like high school but thrived in a univesity environment, shame we have to go through the former to get to the latter.


One Comment to “Celebrity Student”

  1. All hail Marky Mark and his funky bunch! How brave of him – I think you are never too old to learn and I admire the 65 year old at your uni – if I was rich I would study egyptolgy, the history of art, geology .. all the subjects that would give my mother heart palpitations!

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