Child Friendly Wedding

As a parent, it was delightful to attend a wedding that gave so much consideration to the entertainment of the children. Hosted in the heart of Essex countryside, Leez Priory provided an idyllic setting for a wedding that made me beam.

Following the wedding ceremony, a magician entertained the children with tricks and a Punch and Judy show. At the dinner tables were goodie boxes and a colouring pack. Carted from home came a big box of dressing up clothes where the children happily played Kings and Queens and Disney Princesses.


I couldn’t imagine this at an Asian wedding. Children are left to find their own entertainment where half the fun is running around with cousins and making up games. Although, sadly, I do see many now sitting with their Gameboys or IPhone games quite disengaged with the wedding itself or the people around them. I guess entertainment has moved on.

I don’t recall considering children’s needs in my own wedding plans and the only people whose weddings I have attended that do, are those that are already parents. It was a wonderful day out and loved the sense of family fun.


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