Branded Victim

Hermès CEO, Patrick Thomas recently estimated that 80% of objects sold on the internet under the Hermès name are fakes: outrageous, non?

Or is it…?

Last week French police managed to break an international fake goods manufacturing ring and even arrested employees at Hermès believed to have passed trade secrets to the ring to help produce accurate fakes.   It is undoubtedly a bittersweet victory for Hermès as the company suspects further employees may still be involved but they have yet to be ousted.

Is Hermès simply a victim of it’s own marketing success?  For example, the company created international hysterical lust for a bag that retails for several thousand pounds (lots of zeros whatever your local currency) then created a waiting list filled with the Who’s Who of celebrities.  Supply simply can’t keep up.

Personally I think carrying a fake brand or wearing a knock-off is just tacky.  I don’t know what is worse, spending hundred of pounds on a good fake or a few pounds on a tacky fake – it’s still a fake.  There are so many fakes in circulation and given that it is unlikely that Hermès experience of employees passing on information to fake producers is unique sometimes I think even genuine Chloe or Birkin bags look fake.


2 Comments to “Branded Victim”

  1. I hope my Mulberry bag I bought online the other day isn’t fake. I will find out in the morning!
    The double edged sword to this is that the circulation of fake bags are great marketing for the real design companies as it does make their product more desirable. They are not loosing sales because those who buy fakes couldn’t afford to by the real thing and those who could probably wouldn’t be seen with a fake bag.

  2. It’s all a case of the emperor’s new clothes with a lot of these things – Birkin bags are hideous, would you buy that granny bag if it was in New Look? Rubbish

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