Calorific Cops

Obese members of the Pakistani Punjab police force have been to told to lose weight by the end of the month or receive a pay cut.  The target they are aiming for is a 38″ waist or below  and a team of police doctors have the wonderful task of doing the measuring of approximately 175,000 officers.

Whilst I understand the importance of having a fit and healthy police force I wonder that the doctors didn’t advise against such drastic weight-loss for some officers.  I am Punjabi origin and like most other Punjabis I am rather fond of butter and any foodie indulgence so this is sure to be an up-hill struggle!


One Comment to “Calorific Cops”

  1. Haha what a fabulous story – I am punjabi too and if it doesn’t have butter/milk/sugar in it, then what is the point?

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