Another New Tablet

Finally, Microsoft have got into the tablet game and have produced their own version and will launch sometime in the year. However, the craze that surrounded the launch of the IPad a couple of  years ago, hasn’t quite followed Microsoft.

Most of my research has found that whilst it is necessary for Microsoft to produce this gadget, it is quite flawed.

I’m not a techy, so my knowledge on these things are limited. But, if my company was to launch a product, I would damn well make sure it would meet a demand in the market which seems to be a tablet that works with Android!! As this is the focus of criticisms on the Microsoft Surface. Even the name is unexciting!

The aim of the product is to attract big businesses to buy in bulk to support their employees with this tablet which so they can be in constant contact and have instant access to information. It benefits from a keyboard on the cover and an inbuilt stand for the screen. I can see the attraction and the next generation of Price Waterhouse Cooper rolling in with the new Microsoft Surface.

Get it right Microsoft. You run the world.



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