Fatty Foods Won’t Kill You

For 50 years we have been led to believe that fatty foods are the cause of heart disease, but, this may be a myth. A recent review of 48 studies, reported by health journalist, Helen Foster, found no link with fatty diets and heart disease.

It is a disease that highly concerns the South Asian community and has been always treated with diet change. British health statistics indicate that heart disease is 46% higher in Asian men and 51% higher in Asian women.

It was Ancel Keys, an American scientist,that assumed from his findings that people in countries with the highest saturated fat intake also had the highest rate of heart disease. More recently, Dr John Briffa, author of “The Diet Trap” suggests that Keys research did not take into account other variables such as exercise, lifestyle, poverty etc…

Interestingly, following Keys assumption, the reduction in fat caused an increase in carbohydrate consumption which triggers the liver to produce cholesterol potentially leading to heart disease.

Research from Cardiff University suggest that ingredients in diary such as calcium, potassium, vitamin D and magnesium may counteract problems cause by fat.

So the conclusion by Helen Foster is that foods with natural fats aren’t harmful. It is those that arise from proccessed food that we must be the most careful of and as our intake of processed food has increased, so has heart disease.

Food for thought.



One Comment to “Fatty Foods Won’t Kill You”

  1. That makes to feel so much less guilty about all the fatty foods I’m been putting in my mouth this weekend! All of it was home made and therefore, according to your post, wasn’t bad for me 🙂

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