Meh to Mandaloun Lebanese Restaurant

If you’ve seen this restaurant, which is just outside Westfield near Waitrose, you will know that it looks amazing. Great interior design, solid furniture, huge mirror and welcoming atmosphere…. Or so I thought!

It has been ages since I went somewhere utterly rubbish for dinner and I feel I must share bad reviews with you to prevent you from wasting your hard-earned cash.  My sister and I were shopping in Westfield (incidentally the buyers have improved, but it is still nowhere nearly as good as Ox St) and we were meeting friends for dinner and cinema.

Lebanese is not my favourite cuisine, although I love Lebanese starters and dips, and this place looked great with all the crowds sitting outside smoking sweet apple shisha.

The staff were appallingly rude as soon as we arrived. When I told the waitress we had arrived a little early for a table for 4 she looked at me like I had slapped her with a wet fish.  She then ordered us to follow her to a table, we settled, then she told us to move as she’d given us the wrong table. Look, mistakes happen but there is a polite way to ask us to move, and a rude way and we were definitely moved in a rude and abrupt manner.

Our friends arrived, and we had starters. Meh, nice whatever… Can anyone get hummus wrong? Paltry sizes, slightly over priced for what you get. Bland. We ordered one bread and this was clearly not going to be enough for 4 of us, not that anyone bothered to tell us, so our hot starters became cold while we waited for another bread.

They then got our mains wrong and tried to tell my sister, a vegetarian, that she had ordered lamb with okra. Again we were rudely dealt with – why would my sister order lamb for goodness sake?? She is perfectly capable of remembering what she ordered and has not, to my knowledge, ever ordered meat as a joke, just to annoy the waiter. Instead of apologising and treating her well, my sister was made to feel as though she had simply “changed her mind” and was now pretending she didn’t want it.

The mains were terrible, like eating a damp dish cloth. Yuck, I had ordered couldn’t even swallow my aubergine dish, which looked like sliced slugs on a bed of yellow mushy rice. My sister’s okra dish, when it arrived, was similarly mushy, no taste, not even enough salt, I do not expect to add salt to a £15 vegetarian main. The couscous was flavourless, the rice hard. Our friends has lamb chops which they didn’t finish and looked like they were chewing to death.  Added injury was everything was lukewarm but by then we were in a rush and couldn’t be bothered to complain.

Do not go here at any cost (£130 for 4 of us) .. There are plenty of nice places around Westfield to savour, after this experience I wished I had eaten a quick sandwich in the food court and bought a top instead!


One Comment to “Meh to Mandaloun Lebanese Restaurant”

  1. OMG, that really expensive for poor food. Sounds like an evening from hell. Thanks for the tip

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