Just In Case…..

News out today is that British Pregnancy Advisory Service will be sending out contraception packs called “Just In Case”. In the pack will be the morning after pill and a couple of condoms all sent by post for free for Londoners during the summer months. The reason; apparently our health services are going to be so overwhelmed that they will not be able to service the numerous unsafe promiscuous encounters that may take place during the Olympics.

The slogan: “just because your car has a spare tyre, doesn’t mean you want to get a puncture”.

Really, whoever signed that marketing campaign off wasn’t really thinking. I get the whole idea of precaution but likening my sex drive to an automobile incident is quite hysterical. We cannot control punctures in our car tyres but we can control getting pregnant.

A doctor interviewed in today’s BBC breakfast programme suggested that they should also include Chlamydia test kits as STD’s are rising at an astonishing rate.

I would be slightly concerned at a charity handing out free contraception pills with only a telephone consultation. The website doesn’t even ask for your National Health number to verify your age. However, if you are feeling slightly frisky during the upcoming Olympics and can’t control yourself with the millions of visitors coming to the city, you can stock up on “Just In Case” packs.



One Comment to “Just In Case…..”

  1. I thought any girl of any age in the UK could get emergency contraception anyway? I don’t think handing them out like sweets like this will change the situation much, as they are already widely available (and quite often free of charge) from most pharmacies. I think the only one that charges is Boots. And the reason I know this is because we were taught it in sex education classes at high school, so it’s no secret.

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