The Everest of Sudoku Puzzles

Created by Finnish mathematician, Arto Inkala, the sudoku puzzle above claims to be unsolvable to all but the sharpest mathematical minds.   I’m not a mathematical great by any standard but it doesn’t seem so difficult does it?…

Mathematical puzzles have been found to help keep our minds agile as we age and are seen to help against age-related mental illness.  Besides the health benefits, I do enjoy a good challenge. 

This reminds me of my mock final exams at school where I was an average maths student but by some freak event I managed to get the right answer to the most difficult questions that no one else in my year managed.   I was even taken aside by the department head and my teachers who asked in bewilderment how I (of all people) managed to get the right answer: as if I should know!! 



6 Comments to “The Everest of Sudoku Puzzles”

  1. Ooh I like a challenge will try to do it!

  2. I can’t even get one number down!

  3. I love Soduku. How sad, my Dad and I have competitions!!!!

  4. My mum does these too – will pass on to her – thanks !

  5. My mate just broke the sudoku

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