There is probably a good reason why I have stayed away from oysters. The slimy texture really isn’t my thing, so I cannot understand the appeal. I was literally frightened away from them even more when I watched a tiny wiggling creature pop its head out the oyster as my friend was about slurp one down……



Well, they are living after all, so anything could be in them. They are cleaned but only on the outside. Who knows what is in them…. I was most impressed with my friend who casually sent them back and received a whole new plate on the house. We then proceeded to get special treatment with lobster included in my fish pie and a house speciality dessert, Pavlova, free of charge.

The restaurant in question was Gow’s at Liverpool Street. Despite, our oyster experience, which I understand can happen to any restaurant due to the sheer nature of the beast, I would highly recommend this place for a treat. It is a little pricy and quite formal, but they didn’t mind us turning up in our flip flops and we got great service.

If you are tempted by the oysters, I tried the oyster tempura which were just fabulous and cooked!!!


One Comment to “Oysters”

  1. Something similar happened to me once only there was a tiny worm like thing crawling on the shell, it grossed me out (but not enough to never eat oysters again) and it too happened at a fine dining restaurant, it was a bit appalling for that reason.

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