Shaken Not Stirred

A new exhibition opens in London on 6 July at the Barbican celebrating 50 years of the James Bond franchise.  Displaying gadgets, props and costume from arguably one of the world’s most iconic movie brands. 

Sadly I don’t think Daniel Craig will be there but you will be able to see Goldfinger’s tuxedo jacket, vehicles, Ursula’s bikini and costume designs from the Who’s Who of the fashion power names and there is even a Martini bar to finish the experience off properly.

Entry is £12 with concessions for various people and children.  The Barbican have strongly advised to book a time slot as the entry is restricted by numbers to avoid over-crowding. The exhibition is on until 5 September 2012.


One Comment to “Shaken Not Stirred”

  1. I love love love James Bond. I grew up with my dad watching it all the time and it really seemed to grow on me. Aston Martins are my favorite cars so they’re always a nice plus to watching the movies but I can’t believe how long they’ve kept James Bond films alive for. I wish I could go to the exhibition. P.S. You have great timing, I just watched a JB marathon on tv last night 🙂

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